spartan dischords – the kids’ table

we wrapped up the spartan dischords’ latest effort a few weeks ago and sent it off for duplication. it looks like it’s going to make it back just in time for they cd release party this friday at the pasant theater (big sigh of relief). the cd was recorded over the last several years at a handful of different studios. the first few tracks were recorded at harvest music and sound design in old town and mixed by a former dischord in los angeles. two more songs were recorded with jim alfredson of organissimo (also a former dischord) and, finally, the gentlemen found there way to your favorite recording engineer where the final set of tracks were recorded. as if that didn’t make mastering challenging enough, the second half of the album was a live set recorded by msu’s recording services. yikes. check out don henley’s ‘the heart of the matter’ below, then visit their website, myspace, or facebook page.