our studio offers a comfortable environment and ample space for any project.  the control room features neve, api, millenia, and sound devices preamps, aurora lynx converters, a mackie 24 channel console (for spillover beyond our 16 ’boutique preamps)  and focal twin monitors.  the bulk of our recording is done in protools 10, but other recording software is available upon request.
our tracking space is divided into three large rooms and our extensive microphone collection means we’ll always be able to capture your sound exactly as you’re hearing it, whether the situation calls for a high end tube condenser microphone or a garage sale trash can mic.
our standard rate is $30 per hour and includes recording, mixing, and mastering.  for samples of our work, check out the discography on our home page or visit our videos section for ‘live in the studio’ samples or our youtube channel for other random goodies.